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Black Cliff

Sexy Eyes

Sexy Eyes

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How I met your mother: paused in traffic behind a sliver of opaque tinted window lurked her provocative glance. Illuminated by a single errant shaft of sunlight. If eyes are the windows to the soul, she stole mine willingly and without hesitation at that very moment. A solitary glance bewitched me; the enchantment continues years later. Sexy Eyes opens with a flirtatious dose of juicy pear and a splash of black currant, playful and knowing. Balsamic, thirst-quenching fruity juniper tones accent the subtlest white floral accord, a surprising twist; the woody, magnetic drydown of hinoki, oak, Iso E Super© and tonka is mesmerizing.

Notes: Pear, Black Currant, Juniper Berry, White Floral, Hinoki, Oak, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Kyle Mott-Kannenberg

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