About Us

At Refinery Fragrances, we are passionate about the art of scent and dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for fragrance enthusiasts. Founded in October 2022 by co-owners John and Mercedes, our boutique is a haven for those who appreciate the allure and uniqueness of niche fragrances.

Refinery Fragrances was born out of our deep love for captivating scents and the desire to create a space where fellow fragrance lovers can be inspired and feel truly special in their fragrance obsession. We believe that a fragrance has the power to transport you to unforgettable moments and evoke a range of emotions. Our collection of captivating fragrances is carefully curated to embody the richness of experiences and the depth of relationships. Each scent tells a story, capturing the essence of different moods, personalities, and occasions.

At Refinery Fragrances, we understand that choosing a fragrance is a personal and intimate experience. That's why we strive to provide exceptional customer service and guidance to help you find the perfect scent that resonates with your individuality. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in discovering the extraordinary and embracing the intoxicating allure that our top-selling fragrances bring.

Join us on this olfactory journey and indulge in the world of Refinery Fragrances. Let our scents awaken your senses, evoke memories, and create new ones. Experience the art and passion behind niche fragrances and embrace the unique and captivating world of Refinery Fragrances.