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Day Three Fragrances

Say Less

Say Less

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This is Say Less Eau de Parfum by Day Three Fragrances, a captivating unisex perfume that seamlessly blends luxury and freshness. A truly exceptional indie, niche scent that you will want to wear every day, possibly as a signature scent.

Say Less begins with a burst of sparkling lemon, accompanied by the slightly sweet duo of cedrat and bergamot. This sparkling citrus accord sets the stage for a bold, yet clean wearing experience.

Moments later, Say Less reveals its intoxicating heart notes of delicate Iris and candied violet, as the fragrance begins to move in a floral direction. These are thoughtfully balanced with the unique pairing of narcissus and lychee. The rain fantasy accord adds an element of enchantment, transporting you to a serene, lush garden after a gentle rain shower.

In the base, you'll find undertones of woody smokiness and a rich musk blend that remain on your skin after the fruits have faded. Every facet of this remarkable scent reveals something new, making for a dynamic, yet smooth wearing experience.

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