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La Tacita De Cafe

La Tacita De Cafe

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La Tacita De Cafe, winner of the 2023 Art and Olfaction Aftel Award

La Tacita De Cafe is the captivating and luxurious extrait de parfum that has won the prestigious 2023 Art and Olfaction, Aftel Award. This unique fragrance is inspired by the comfort of a late afternoon coffee served in a tiny cup, with a spoon full of dark brown sugar and a slice of warm cake—creating an unforgettable sensory journey.

La Tacita De Cafe is somehow both long lasting, and delicate.  It is a coffee forward amber perfume, but is light enough to wear even in the warm weather. La Tacita De Cafe features a high amount of natural raw materials that make it feel complex and full.

A Symphony of Scent

La Tacita De Cafe blends gourmand ingredients, smokey woods, and resins to create a smooth, luxurious scent that leaves a delicate sillage and achieves a rare balance between powdery-sweet and resinous. The resulting fragrance is perfect for casual wear, while exuding an air of elegance and sophistication.

An Olfactory Tour of the Dominican Republic

With top notes of orange, spices, and sweet cream, La Tacita De Cafe hints at an accord of "morir sonando", a traditional Dominican treat made of orange juice and milk.  In the heart, you'll find an accord of Dominican coffee, rum, caramel, and rose. As the fragrance settles, its base notes of amyris, brown sugar, vanilla, and tonka absolute embrace you like a warm hug, and leaves a lasting impression.

Experience La Tacita De Cafe for yourself and discover the warm, comforting essence of a true Dominican coffee experience. Order now and discover the award-winning scent that captures the spirit of the Dominican Republic. Available in 50mL or a 10mL travel size.

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