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Nostalgic to a moment in the woods during my childhood. The Grange Estate was first established in 1682, collecting 300 years of history before my friends and I played in Cobbs Creek. We were preadolescents, not caring that William Penn, George Washington, and Marquis de Lafayette walked the same grounds. The same trees may have listened to conversations that directed history. None of that mattered, though. This was our playground.

Justin Frederico composed Grange to reflect the fresh creek in the woods. The creek opens through a bright Mexican lime and the purity of the Sicilian orange that we used in Blyss. A warm fig and tobacco accord as a nod to the smells of beer and cigarettes that few teenagers left behind after dusk. Finishing with mighty oak and American cedar, the soft giants standing tall and watching the residents change over centuries. Grange is designed to be versatile and interesting to the wearer. My direction for Justin was not simple, as it was a memory from my childhood. He managed to interpret that time in my life in this perfume perfectly. Fresh water; a warm evolving heart; a steady, smooth woody base that lasts.

A citrus and wood scent, Grange is an easy fragrance for people interested in trying a unique, independent perfume. Sold at a parfum extrait concentration in a 1.7oz/50ml vaporizer bottle.

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