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Day Three Fragrances



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Day breaks on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and the rays of the rising sun warm the plants, causing the crisp morning air to fill with the scent of tropical foliage.  This is Escándalo, the latest release from award winning perfumer, Michael Paul.

Top Notes: Bright and Inviting The journey begins with the vibrance of Limón Dulce, complemented by the herbaceous scent of Blue Tansy. A touch of ripe Guava introduces a tart, fruity note that brings a creative, tropical vibe to the opening.

Heart Notes: Floral Harmony The core of Escándalo unfolds with a selection of rich florals. Rose De Mai and Jasmine Sambac combine to form a sensual, luxurious floral accord, while Lily of the Valley lends a crisp, clean freshness to the formula. Finally, Tropic Daisy adds sweetness, with its almost bubblegum-like, fruity character.

Base Notes: Subtle Depth Anchoring the scent, notes of Vetiver and Sandalwood provide a gentle woody base, enriched with a hints of Orcanox and Eaglewood for a smooth, amber-like finish. This foundation adds sophistication and longevity to the fragrance, ensuring it remains with you throughout the day.

A Versatile Scent for All  Escándalo is unisex, and suited for anyone who appreciates a perfume that is as versatile as it is sexy. Perfect for everyday wear, or for special romantic encounters.

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