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Exhilaration and gratification make up the perfect drive.

Leather seats, a heavy foot, the exhaust, a wake of fallen leaves, cool air and hot tires. A perfume that represents the gratifying sensation of a connecting to the road. That’s Clutch.

Crisp air outside and warm inside, Clutch opens with peppery elemi and smoke, revving high and taking off with smoking tires. You connect with the car and to the road itself, your heart pumping, filled with adrenaline. Ginger is the engine driving Clutch, the part that started the project after Justin found the essential oil. Our ginger has an exhilarating spice note deep in its earthy root, Red Cedar and oak balancing the heart. Shifting gears to the base, luxurious tanned leather keeps you comfortable and confident with vanilla and musk.

Perfumer Justin Frederico created Clutch for Perfumology under the creative direction of Nir Guy. 

A smoky, leather and wood, Clutch is a warm fragrance for people interested in trying a unique, independent perfume.

Exciting and sweet, like my ride.

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